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Packing for a Move

Welcome to my website. I’m hoping to provide you with some useful packing tips. My name is Ellen Monday. My family and I moved from a very large home to a large home. My point being, although we still live in a large house, we did downsize. It was almost like packing for two moves because we had belongings going to the new house and some going to storage. We had to make decisions about what we wanted to keep, store and get rid of. I have some tips on how we made those decisions, and the best ways we found to pack. Items that were going into storage were packed differently than those we were moving to the new house. Boxes had to be carefully and clearly marked so we didn’t end up storing our everyday dishes or something tragic like that! Hope you enjoy my blog.


Packing for a Move

Questions You Always Wanted To Ask About Metal Roofing

Aaron Carroll

Metal roofing is now so common that almost every city and town has some buildings with metal roofs, including houses. If you've been wondering about the appeal of this material for roofing, you might have more than a few questions because at first, metal doesn't seem like a material you'd want covering your home on a hot day, for example. But solutions exist for almost everything, and metal roofing is unbelievably cool.

Doesn't It Get Hot Inside in Summer?

Let's address the heat first. Yes, metal heats up when the hot sun hits it, but an insulating coating on the metal and good insulation under the roof prevent the heat from becoming unbearable inside the building. The roof doesn't consist of bare metal. You have metal sheets coated with a material that protects them from direct contact with sunlight. The coating can still warm up, but not nearly as much as the bare metal might.

Under the metal is a thick layer of insulation made especially for metal roofing. That's in addition to any other insulation you have in your attic or crawlspace. The insulation also helps reduce sound from phenomena such as hail hitting the roof.

Will Hail Mess up the Roof?

Speaking of hail, will a hailstorm dent the roof so badly that you need to replace the roof? Most of the time, no. Your basic small hail shouldn't make a difference (if the hailstones don't break your car's windshield, they aren't going to hurt the roof). Giant hail is another matter. Those baseball- and grapefruit-sized stones you get in some areas of the country could dent the roof. 

But in that case, you really do want metal because there is less chance of those huge stones busting through a metal roof than there is of them busting through an asphalt shingle roof. Better to fix a dent in one layer than a hole through several.

Does It Have to Be Green/Gray/Blue?

Your typical coated standing-seam metal roof comes in a range of colors from green to gray to light blue, but you can get other styles. Mock ceramic and mock asphalt tiles made of metal are available if you want a particular style of roof that isn't standing-seam. And of course, you can always look into additional coating colors.

Metal roofs offer a lot of benefits, and many of the problems that the word "metal" might bring up have very easy solutions. If you want a sturdy roof, metal meets your needs. For more information, contact a company like Premium Panels Inc.