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Packing for a Move

Welcome to my website. I’m hoping to provide you with some useful packing tips. My name is Ellen Monday. My family and I moved from a very large home to a large home. My point being, although we still live in a large house, we did downsize. It was almost like packing for two moves because we had belongings going to the new house and some going to storage. We had to make decisions about what we wanted to keep, store and get rid of. I have some tips on how we made those decisions, and the best ways we found to pack. Items that were going into storage were packed differently than those we were moving to the new house. Boxes had to be carefully and clearly marked so we didn’t end up storing our everyday dishes or something tragic like that! Hope you enjoy my blog.


Packing for a Move

What Should You Expect from Water Softener Services?

Aaron Carroll

Water naturally contains minerals. In small quantities, these minerals can be healthy for you. In larger quantities, they can leave residue on your shower and dishes, give your hair an unpleasant texture, and even negatively affect the taste of your water. Water with a high mineral content is called hard water, and while it isn't dangerous, many people find it less than ideal. If you have hard water, you can soften it by using water softener services. A technician can install a water treatment system in your home to filter unwanted minerals out of your tap water. Here are four things you can expect when you take advantage of water softener services:

1. Your technician will test your water.

Before installing a water softening system, your technician will test your water to learn the exact mineral content. This precise information will help them recommend the right water treatment system for you. Hard water with a lower mineral content will require less treatment, which means you can get by with a less intensive water softening system. Water hardness tests can be performed right in your home and the results will be available almost immediately.

2. You will have the opportunity to select a water softener.

There are a few different options when it comes to water softeners, such as ion exchange softeners. These water softeners work by drawing unwanted minerals such as magnesium and iron out of your water, then replacing them with salt. This exchange happens in a filter, and most people find that it doesn't noticeably affect the taste of their water. If you're unable to have salt for health reasons, you may want to opt for a salt-free ion exchange softener instead. Salt-free versions of these filtrations systems use potassium chloride rather than sodium chloride, which means it won't increase your sodium intake. 

3. You can choose reverse osmosis filtration.

If you'd like the purest water possible, you may choose a filtration system rather than a standard water softener. Reverse osmosis filtration will remove minerals from your water. It can also remove fine impurities that can negatively impact the taste. A reverse osmosis water filter can be installed under your kitchen sink, so all the water you consume will be filtered.

4. Your water softener service will perform maintenance.

Once your water softener system has been installed, it will need regular maintenance to keep its performance level high. Your water softener service can perform maintenance work on your filtration system as needed. They can refill salt or potassium chloride as needed; they can also clean lines and tanks to ensure nothing gets clogged due to mineral deposits.