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Packing for a Move

Welcome to my website. I’m hoping to provide you with some useful packing tips. My name is Ellen Monday. My family and I moved from a very large home to a large home. My point being, although we still live in a large house, we did downsize. It was almost like packing for two moves because we had belongings going to the new house and some going to storage. We had to make decisions about what we wanted to keep, store and get rid of. I have some tips on how we made those decisions, and the best ways we found to pack. Items that were going into storage were packed differently than those we were moving to the new house. Boxes had to be carefully and clearly marked so we didn’t end up storing our everyday dishes or something tragic like that! Hope you enjoy my blog.


Packing for a Move

2 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Furniture Reupholstered

Aaron Carroll

Furniture doesn't hold up quite as well as it used to. The fabric used on most furniture sold in stores today is only meant to hold up for a few years so you come back in to buy more furniture. Think back to your grandparent's home, they most likely had the same piece of furniture for decades, because the upholstery used was made to stand the test of time. It was an investment piece of furniture and it lasted. Just because your couch or chair has the upholstery worn out on it doesn't mean you have to throw it away. You can have it reupholstered to give it new life. Read on for reasons why you should have your furniture reupholstered.

1. To Give Your Furniture An Updated Style

The piece of furniture you have may be outdated, but that doesn't mean it has to go to the dump. You can reupholster it with a different type of fabric and update the style to reflect your personal style or to bring it to this century. Get rid of the velvet flowery fabric and add something more up to date to match with your home's decor. Talk to the upholsterer about what fabric choices you have to choose from and what would work best with your home and with your particular piece of furniture. You may be able to take upholstery samples home with you to figure out what goes best in your home.

2. To Save Money

Having a piece of furniture reupholstered will save you money. The cost of a piece of furniture can cost you anywhere from $1,000 upwards of $5,000 depending on where you are shopping and what you are getting. The lower end may not sound like much, but after owning that piece of furniture for only a few months and it already showing wear, you may already see that you are going to have to spend more money on another piece of furniture before long. If the bones of the furniture are still in good shape, you should be able to reupholster the furniture with new fabric at a much cheaper cost than spending the money on brand new furniture. It also saves that piece of furniture from going to the dump, so you're also recycling as well.

If you have a nice piece of furniture that just has an outdated style of fabric to it, or that the fabric has been worn in, have it reupholstered instead of replacing it altogether. Talk to an upholstery specialist about your piece of furniture and give it new life. Contact a company near you that specializes in furniture upholstery.