Packing for a Move
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Packing for a Move

Welcome to my website. I’m hoping to provide you with some useful packing tips. My name is Ellen Monday. My family and I moved from a very large home to a large home. My point being, although we still live in a large house, we did downsize. It was almost like packing for two moves because we had belongings going to the new house and some going to storage. We had to make decisions about what we wanted to keep, store and get rid of. I have some tips on how we made those decisions, and the best ways we found to pack. Items that were going into storage were packed differently than those we were moving to the new house. Boxes had to be carefully and clearly marked so we didn’t end up storing our everyday dishes or something tragic like that! Hope you enjoy my blog.


Packing for a Move

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    11 March 2020

    Are you ready to add a fireplace to your living room? If so, you have a few options when it comes to type and fuel. The following can help you understand the differences between the three main types of fireplaces — wood, gas, and electric. Wood Fireplace A wood fireplace is a great choice if you have access to inexpensive firewood, such as your own wood lot, and you want the cozy traditional crackle of a wood fire.

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