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Packing for a Move

Welcome to my website. I’m hoping to provide you with some useful packing tips. My name is Ellen Monday. My family and I moved from a very large home to a large home. My point being, although we still live in a large house, we did downsize. It was almost like packing for two moves because we had belongings going to the new house and some going to storage. We had to make decisions about what we wanted to keep, store and get rid of. I have some tips on how we made those decisions, and the best ways we found to pack. Items that were going into storage were packed differently than those we were moving to the new house. Boxes had to be carefully and clearly marked so we didn’t end up storing our everyday dishes or something tragic like that! Hope you enjoy my blog.


Packing for a Move

  • Wood Chandelier Styles That Will Blow Your Mind

    19 March 2019

    When you hear the word "chandelier," it is a safe bet to say that you are imagining a chandelier dripping with faceted crystals that magnify, reflect, and multiply the light in the room. You certainly are not thinking of wood, which seems like it would be a very boring sort of chandelier indeed. However, there are light fixture companies that have done incredible things with wood, transforming an otherwise potentially boring material for chandeliers into a series of really extraordinary styles.

  • How To Prepare Your Home For Mold Remediation

    28 January 2019

    Mold growth in your home can represent a serious health threat to you and your family, as mold spores in the air can cause or aggravate breathing conditions like allergies and asthma.  Further, mold growth that is allowed to go on unimpeded for long enough can cause severe structural damage to the material that it is growing on, eventually requiring the replacement of drywall or other organic building supplies. Once you've noticed mold in your home, you should immediately get in touch with a remediation contractor like DiBiaso's Cleaning and Restoration, Inc to have it removed.

  • 2 Reasons To Use Customized Garage Storage Systems

    22 December 2018

    When you have a garage, it all too often ends up as a catchall. Your lawn tools go in there, as well as any stuff that doesn't fit in your house. That means your garage can be so full of stuff that you can't park your car in it, which can be seriously inconvenient for you. There are things that you can do in order to make sure that your garage isn't so full that you can't use it.

  • Three Ways That A Swim Spa Is Better Than Going To A Public Pool

    17 November 2018

    If you're an avid swimmer, you probably visit a local aquatic center for regular swimming sessions. However, you may reach a point at which you're looking to swim closer to home, and, ideally, in your own backyard. While you might not have the space for a swimming pool, you may be able to fit an in-ground swim spa in your yard. This fixture is designed for you to swim against a current, rather than swim laps in a traditional manner, so it doesn't require nearly as much space as a pool.

  • Tired Of That Outdated Bathroom? Why It's Time To Remodel It

    3 October 2018

    The bathroom is likely one of the spots in your house that you use more than any other place. You relieve yourself there, get fixed up for work, and primp and prep before that big date on the weekend. If you live in an older home, there's a good chance that your bathroom might be in dire need of an overhaul. Remodeling the bathroom could end up working out for you in ways that you can't even imagine.